At Variense we are building a suite of IoT sensors that can accurately measure and quantify physical quantities like force, inertia, displacement, vibration etc. for various applications that need precision measurement. Armed with our connected sensors and analytics engine, our goal is to bring predictive analytics to various applications like manufacturing automation, building automation, surgical automation, robotics, AR/VR.


Our Mission

Variense’s mission is to build an analytics driven, high precision, smart sensor platform to enable contextual decision making.


We blend three technologies (Sensors, IoT, and Machine Learning) to bring VSENSE – an analytics driven platform to empower predictive analytics.


Venn diagram illustrating the combination of technologies we use: sensors, IoT and machine learning.


How does VSENSE Work?

1)  Our robust suit of IoT connected sensors measure a host of physical quantities, including:

      Compression & tension forces
      Angular velocity

2)  Our compact and connected sensors continually measure the structural health of various industrial assets like machinery in manufacturing plants, robotic equipment, building automation tools, etc. and which is then passed to our cloud based analytic tools.

3) Our real-time analytic tools transform the sensor data into valuable insights for predictive maintenance.