NEW Digital and Miniature Triaxial Force Sensor FSE103; 100N-XYZ (22 lbs)

  • Capacitive technology provides enhanced sensitivity without compromising signal integrity, resulting in low system noise and reducing measurement errors.
  • USB interface minimizes space (plug and play). No conversion box needed.
  • Return logged serial data with timestamp feature.
  • Intuitive and flexible user interface provides easy-to-use display and calculation tools.
  • Cost effective, ultra compact at just 39 mm in diameter, robust to surrounding noise, user friendly and easy to integrate.

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The new digital FSE103 is a round sensor with a diameter of 39 mm, that can measure up to three components of force. This sensor is,

  • Cost effective
  • Ultra compact
  • Robust to surrounding noise
  • User friendly and easy to integrate
This sensor is based on capacitive technology, which is highly adaptive to various applications. Intelligent functionality, maximum sensitivity and ultimate compactness ensure that the sensor will fit your system properly.


Number of axes3 (tension & compression)
Sensing range (Fz, Fx, Fy)100, 80, 80N
Communication interfaceUSB


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Our sensors gather data quickly and record it accurately, whether in the classroom, research lab, or industrial processing room. Sensor technology can store the data in memory, and our user interface allows you to easily retrieve this data later for processing, analysis and presentation.

Aside from these standard applications, our sensors can be used in many other areas, including sports, rehabilitation, and medicine. Our sensors bring many improvements in accuracy and safety, and they promote collaborative learning between humans and the systems that humans oversee.

  • Sense load and compression
  • Detect obstacles and impact forces
  • Control force exertion
  • Detect object weight while grasping
  • Measure athletic performance
  • Orthopedic research
  • Measure forces during crash testing
  • Wind tunnel testing

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 76.2 x 76.2 x 50.8 mm


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