FSE-1 Reader


FSE-1 Reader is an intuitive and flexible user interface provides easy-to-use display and data logging tools:

  • Displays force data automatically. No need to adjust gain or parameters!
  • Displays real-time information as a strip chart and a digital readout
  • Records data in real time and offset functionality
  • Exports recorded data in two available formats (.txt or .csv)
  • Displays information about the connected sensor
  • Compatible with Windows operating systems (Vista or later).


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The new FSE-1 Reader software connects to our FSE1001 load cell and displays the value of the force in real time, enabling you to log data and instantly visualize it as a force graph. This intuitive and flexible software is easy for beginners to use. Not only can you display the force sensor data graphically; you can also export the recorded data in a convenient format (either .txt or .csv).

The software package contains all the drivers needed to install and run our load cell FSE1001.


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