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Inertial Measurement Unit


Can I log data remotely using the VMU931?
Does the VMU931 have on-board memory?
What is the maximum output data rate of the VMU931?


Do I need the VMU Reader?
What formats can you record the data in?
Is the VMU931 compatible with ROS?
Can Variense sensors be used with Linux or Mac OS?
Can multiple VMU931 sensors be added together in parallel?

Force sensor


What’s the difference between the FSE103 and the FSE1001?
What is the accuracy of the capacitive force sensors?
What is the maximum output data rate of the force sensors?
What is the sensitivity of the FSE103 force sensor?
Do I need to calibrate the sensor?


Is a capacitive force sensor the same thing as a resistive load cell?
What are the benefits and features of capacitive force sensors compared to strain gauges?
Is the sensor sensitive to environmental conditions?

How we conduct business

What is the minimum number of units I can buy?
From time of purchase, when can I expect to receive my order?
Which shipping carrier do you use?
Do you provide faster shipping?