Variense offers their first product since being founded in January


August 2016 (Montreal, QC) – Variense is leading the sensory technology industry with the launch of its newest product: the FSE103 triaxial force sensor. Founded in January 2016 by Rachid Bekhti (CEO/CTO), Alexandre Bernier (chief software architect) and Vincent Duchaine (technology and business advisor), Variense was admitted to the Centech-ETS startup accelerator program in May. Since its founding, Variense has committed itself to improving force sensors by developing more accurate and cost-effective technology.

Technological advancement in any field demands innovative ways for products to understand and interact with their environment – and in the world of physical products, this requires sensors. Products that use sensors for ever-improving sensing capabilities include wearable technology, smart products, and collaborative robots, and sensors are constantly being used in new applications. However, despite recent advances in sensing technology, many sensors remain inaccessible to most consumers.

Until now, sensors have either been highly-functional but very expensive, or unreliable yet affordable. One such example is the multi-axis force torque sensor. The available multi-axis force-torque sensors have always been marked by their complexity, high cost, and inconveniently large size. Variense’s vision is to democratize access to these sensors and bring improved sensing capabilities to new markets.

Variense has done so by reducing production costs to make the same top-quality sensing technology available to more people. This combination of accuracy and inexpensiveness makes the FSE103 sensor suitable for a wide variety of customers. Variense’s force sensor is precise enough to be used by businesses and research labs, while being cost-effective enough to be used by hobbyists.

By making sensors available to more people and organizations, we can increase efficiency and safety in our daily lives” – Rachid Bekhti (CEO/CTO and co-founder of Variense)

The FSE103 sensor is based on capacitive technology, making it more robust to noise than traditional force gauge sensing. It has many applications in fields ranging from robotics and industrial manufacturing to medicine and sports. The sensor’s ultra-compact size makes it easy to fit into any system, and Variense also offers integration services to customers. Soon Variense will branch out into producing different types of sensors, such as IMU and displacement sensors. For more information and the latest updates, please visit

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