Variense launches industry-leading force sensor based on capacitive technology


Variense is leading the industry in sensory technology, launching their triaxial force sensor called the FSE103. The sensor is round, light-weight (40 g) and ultra-compact (39 mm diameter), while being able to measure up to 3 components of force. The sensor is based on capacitive technology, which allows for increased sensitivity without sacrificing signal integrity. It is also robust to surrounding noise, making its measurements extremely accurate. The sensor is less sensitive to electromagnetic noise caused by electric motors than traditional force gauge sensors, making it more suitable for use with robots. Lastly, its simple interface is user-friendly and easy to integrate.

The sensor’s compact size and versatile functionality make it compatible with almost any  system. To ensure the sensor will fit with your system, Variense offers personalized integration services as well as custom-built sensors that can be sized anywhere from 39 mm to 600 mm. You also have the option to customize the protocols of communication.

The sensor measures and accurately records data and stores it in memory, which can then be retrieved through the user interface. The sensor has a USB interface to minimize space and does not require a conversion box.  The data may be analyzed later and presented anywhere, be it in the classroom, research lab or industrial processing room.

Variense offers a uniquely versatile sensor that is suitable for many fields. It can be used to measure forces during consumer products tests, such as by being placed on car crash dummies or objects in wind tunnels. In robotics, applications include controlling force exertion as well as detecting an object’s weight during grasping tasks. The sensor also has applications in human health: it can be used in rehabilitation (such as for aiding orthopedic research), and in sports for measuring the forces exerted by athletes (such as the force with which a baseball bat strikes the ball).

This state-of-the-art technology is offered at a cost-effective price with the goal of making it available to people everywhere. While accurate sensors used to be unaffordable, Variense offers the same technology while being cost effective. By making sensitive and accurate sensors available to more people, Variense hopes to increase industrial safety by improving machine feedback and reducing injuries. For example, this technology could help an industrial machine distinguish between a human and the material it is working with. By improving a machine’s understanding of its environment, sensory technology also improves communication and efficiency.

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